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For several years D.R. CONGO has been subjected to severe armed conflicts, this disastrous situation has had a negative incidence on the socio-economic situation of the country and has also tarnished the image and business climate in D.R. CONGO. Nowadays economic issues have become more and more central to the debates all over the world and R.D. CONGO has not been spared from them, unfortunately the market is not yet defined, so the country has not made itself favourable to investment which has increased the joblessness rate in D.R. CONGO.

The youth, who represent more than 65% of the national population, are neglected and unsupported, abandoned to their sad fate because they lack support and adequate public structures capable of guiding and accompanying them in the realization of their projects. It is from this desire to see things unfold that a structure has been set up to restore the image of D.R. CONGO on an international scale in order to attract potential investors and thus give hope to this abandoned youth to its sad fate. First Business Group therefore embodies the cry of an entire youth eager to see things change in D.R. CONGO.

First Business Group is thus to stimulate investors, notwithstanding the realities of the country in order to offer them an opportunity to do business in D.R. CONGO with confidence by facilitating them from the very beginning of the company's creation by providing true, reliable and transparent information in all sectors of activity in which the investor operates. First Business Group wants to be the looking-board of D.R. CONGO for all those who want to do business.

On the basis of more than 10 years of experience in different sectors in D.R. CONGO, First Business Group has acquired considerable experience in knowledge of the investment code but also maintains valuable links with various governments in place, First Business Group is not only a facilitation company but also a company in its own right which is also an investor in the areas where it is a facilitator. It is subdivided into sub-divisions, each of which operates as companies in this field. To find out more about the various sub-divisions, please refer to the COMPANY DIVISION section

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Our Mission

As a local business consulting firm, First Business Group not only help its client understand Congolese business etiquette and culture, but also assist clients to establish strategic relations with government to ensure coordinated, timely government decision-making and approval.

A strong government relations program remains an important factor for success in D.R. Congo, where, as in other emerging markets, the state uses its influence over market access and business rights to shape how far companies can go.

First Business Group supports clients in identifying partners through systematic search as well as its extensive contacts and relationships in D.R. Congo and provides clients evaluations with transparency by background investigation and due diligence on potential partners. Afterward, First Business group has a unique approach to help both sides build strong partnership in their common interest by means of;

    Field visit Networking activities In-depth business negotiation